Measuring Kindness

Trying the Daily Post word prompt and blogging about the word “Measure“.

As a team we help try and measure the impact we’re having as a service. We try really hard to represent this with Care Opinion posts and our Your Feedback Matters site so we can be a transparent and honest service. We can even break down and estimate the monetary contribution our volunteers make to our Trust (roughly £48,571.11 in July 2017 alone).

Despite this, however hard we try, I don’t think we’ll ever be able to quantitatively measure the full impact of our team, our Trust staff or our volunteers and carers.

How do you put a number on the impact of an understanding listening ear during a hard period in your life? Or a warm welcome from a volunteer at a tea bar when you’re feeling a little nervous in a new situation?

Is kindness measurable in metric or imperial?

Any suggestions welcome.

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2 thoughts on “Measuring Kindness

  1. Well said Laura. We are lucky to be able to communicate our highs and lows as a Trust with visibility and transparency
    Our volunteers give back so much more than time. They gain the trust of patients in unique ways. The power of a smile or an act of kindness is richly rewarding for us all .
    Is kindness measurable in metric or imperial? I’m going with the word definition…. Majestic or magnificent! It sums up the contribution of our service users and carer volunteers perfectly.

    1. Measure. If you could measure the true impact of volunteers you might like it to a Hollywood blockbuster. Deep impact. Astronomical!

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