Looking back at Notts Healthcare Patient Oscars and Events 2019

Rolling out the red carpet for awards season in our Forensic Services at Nottinghamshire Healthcare

What we want to celebrate here however, is our patients awards. Yes, they too, have an Oscars award ceremony where the red carpet is rolled out to celebrate and recognise the outstanding achievements of patients in our Forensic Services! Last year 2019, was a memorable year in many ways and what better time to remember and reflect on the successes, progress and rehabilitation of the patients?

With the 2020 Oscars done and dusted and shared everywhere across TV, social media and the press, the glitz and glamour of Hollywood celebrates and recognises achievements and talents. Each year we also look forward to finding out who has been recognised for their outstanding contribution within our own NHS staff Oscars awards coming up in Spring.

Michael, one of our Involvement Volunteers shared his recollections of the events. ‘It was the Mental Health Service at Rampton Hospital that set the 2019 Oscars ball rolling back in mid-May.  Some excellent musical entertainment, provided by patients and staff, really helped to set the mood which was positive and celebratory.  Many of the men went the extra mile when it came to how they dressed for their special evening.  The event committee had made sure suitable refreshments were provided to help the party mood. With plenty of OSCAR nominations from both patients and staff there was (friendly) competition and the awards ceremony gave all nominees their moments of glory, but of course, only one winner walked the red carpet for each category.  Mental Health Modern Matron, Martina Griffiths had expertly presided over the whole proceedings. At the end of the night, patients, staff and guests alike, departed feeling enriched by the whole experience.

Rampton Hospital

With Mental Health Services setting the bar high each service would go the extra mile to create its own special mood and atmosphere. Rampton Hospital, has several different services within the Hospital including Learning Disabilities, Women’s Services and Personality Disorder Services.

Rampton Women’s ServiceThis was the second year of hosting the awards within the service. It was very well attended by the women patients who made an effort to look their best as they always do when an event like this takes place. It was full of song and laughter which enabled a brilliant atmosphere. The staff and women did the service proud, really upping their game this year and was it was even more amazing than the previous year! I honestly think everyone left with a huge grin on their faces afterwards and I’m sure they will remember it for a long time’. Steve- Involvement Volunteer

Patients with the support and encouragement from staff worked hard to make this evening a memorable one. With “Queen” themed music playing during the event, the evening was a truly unforgettable. There was very little they hadn’t though about even down to designing and making the trophies themselves’. Involvement Volunteer

Learning Disabilities Oscar Night: ‘This event was bright and full of life. A warm reception greeted us along with music from the band “The Jockeys” a group made up of patients and staff. With rewards and recognition of individual patient’s recovery and progress, it was encouraging to be involved and to share the evening together. With non-alcoholic Bucks Fizz and a cake, (they even catered for a Gluten free diet) it was a wonderful evening shared by all’. Involvement Volunteer

As well as celebrating the many wonderful achievements and accomplishments, there was also some time for the patients and staff to reflect and say thank you for the work from recently retired Professor Dean Fathers former Trust Chairman and Sheila Wright, Former Non -Executive Director. Both had been involved in supporting changes within the Women’s Service. The women patients showed their appreciation by awarding them with a trophy.

Our medium secure Wathwood Hospital in Rotherham had their own event in October 2019. This was Wathwood’s first foray into Oscars territory.  Michael, our Rosewood Involvement Volunteer shared some recollections from the evening; “looks like patients and staff want to repeat the whole experience next year, but bigger and even better”;  “great refreshments too”;  “another really happy occasion”;  “I was  really impressed by the trophies that the patients had made so professionally – something to be valued”;  “a lovely way to recognise successes and achievements”. This event was also attended by Sheila, our Involvement Volunteer & Nigel Groves from our own Involvement Team And the final words come from our Involvement volunteers. ‘The event was a real pleasure to be part of’.

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