Life on Burne Ward Rampton Hospital during lockdown

Patients and Staff at Rampton Hospital were asked to reflect on what life is like for them at the moment.  Amidst the national pandemic and how the government guidance as impacted on their day-to day life – all reflections have been anonymised for confidentiality reasons.  The reflections (written, poems and artwork) are being collated and will form part of a presentation for patients family members & friends who are currently unable to visit the hospital

The experience of Therapies & Education (TED) staff

When staff first found out that we would be leaving our usual teams, to be assigned to a ward, we were naturally a little apprehensive. We were already feeling rather anxious, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“TED staff are amazing!”

“I really enjoy your company”

Wearing face masks and visors is something which is completely new to us, however it did give us some reassurance that we could protect the patients and ourselves by wearing these.

“Your sessions are really beneficial”

Now that we have been working with the Burne Ward patients for a few weeks, we have a good timetable up and running and the patients are always happy to see us coming onto the ward.  They always thank us for each session we do with them.

“I feel grateful for you coming onto the ward every week”

We have been keeping the patients busy with activities on the ward; such as pool, bingo, quizzes, games & films.  Recently we had ten patients participating in a pool tournament, all receiving certificates for completing their games.

“I enjoy the quizzes”

“I like the social aspect of the activities”

“If you didn’t come onto the ward we wouldn’t be able to do as much”

Patients have also been offered fresh air access with us every morning and afternoon, where they have been walking, exercising and playing football.

“I like all the activities and going on fresh air”

Our little team of four has supported our patients and each other through these recent transitions, and we have each contributed to organising and delivering a wide variety of activities together.

We are really proud of what the patients have said about us!  So we have included their quotes in this article. 

“You’re really positive!”

“Your team are like a silver lining in a cloud”

“You’re doing a good job”                 

“Staff are really nice & polite”  

The staff designed the poster ‘Life on Burne Ward During Lockdown’ for Patients at Rampton Hospital
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