LD Care Stream Bingo

we completed our first ever LD Care Stream Bingo session yesterday. All four wards were supported by Southwell Day Unit staff in accessing laptops to get access to a teams call originating from Southwell. We received great support from our colleagues on the wards who all made a laptop available to us. The laptop in Southwell was facing the bingo caller and the numbers as they were generated were seen on screen ‘live’

One of the patients said to me today “it was just like being at Gala Bingo and I was nervous for my numbers to be picked”

We had over twenty patients in attendance spread over the four wards and ten Southwell staff in support of the patients.

I have had some really positive feedback about the session yesterday.

On Wednesday 14th April we held a ‘Big Quiz’ via teams where again all four LD wards will be involved.

Alan Pattenden

Acting Team Leader

Southwell Day Unit

Therapies & Education Directorate

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