Patient & Public Involvement with the Institute of Mental Health

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A leading UK mental health research institute, partnership of Nottinghamshire Healthcare and the University of Nottingham

The Institute of Mental Health is an innovative partnership between the University of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. We seek to help transform the understanding and treatment of mental health by bridging the gap between campus and clinic.

Since our formation in 2006, we have established a track record of success, with achievements in delivering innovative inter-disciplinary research that has a positive impact within the health, social care and criminal justice sectors.

Patient and public involvement (PPI) has always added real value and improvement to our research, teaching, conferences, publications and the delivery of high-quality, evidenced-informed care. People have become involved with the Institute through both formal and informal opportunities.

We have volunteers involved in all aspects of our work:

  • Delivering conference presentations to disseminate the findings of the research.
  • Co-authoring academic papers.
  • PPI volunteers as named co-applicants on the funding bid.
  • PPI volunteers sitting on project management groups or equivalent.
  • PPI volunteers sitting on the recruitment and selection panel that appoints staff to work on our research team.
  • Consulted existing PPI groups
  • Invited a variety of patients and public to meet at events so that we can ask them their views.
  • Conducting data collection interviews with research participants.
  • Facilitating focus groups to collect data from research participants.
  • Collaborative data analysis

We have established an advisory board to oversee patient and public involvement within the Institute of Mental Health to:

  • Support the contribution of patient and public involvement (PPI) across the Institute.
  • Advise the Board and Director on objectives, plans and progress in relation to PPI.
  • Advise on strategic direction and operational actions to help the Institute of Mental Health establish consistent, meaningful PPI work across the whole range of its activities.
  • Seek out, identify and promote innovative approaches and best practice in PPI.
  • Monitor and review the Institute’s performance in relation to PPI, report on barriers to progress and identify opportunities for development.
  • Optimise the contribution and impact of PPI within the Institute, as well as local, national and international communities.

For further information, visit The Institute of Mental Health