Jade Ward Transforming their Garden at Rampton Hospital women’s Service

Patients and staff on Jade Ward, within the National High Secure Women’s Service at Rampton Hospital have been busy working in collaboration over the past few months on transforming their garden. This garden has really helped promote the sense of community and is inclusive to all who are on Jade Ward, staff and patients alike no matter what their ability.

Due to lack of available plants and flowers due to COVID-19 and the lock down, the decision was taken by N/A Debby Scully to remain positive and attempt to produce the garden from seeds and bulbs. I am sure you will all agree the results have been fantastic! The have managed to nurture and grow such a variety of produce in a small space including tomatoes, parsley, chives, cucumbers, strawberries, marigolds, wildflowers and sunflowers.

To honour the NHS, the garden is entitled “Our Rainbow Garden” and the wooden sign proudly hangs on the wall outside as a reminder of how important these times are and how by working in collaboration anything is possible. The work does not stop here as they have now decided to develop a vegetable patch to include carrots, beans and potatoes.

Here is a patient quote “‘ the garden project has been a god-send to us during the lockdown period. It has given us so much to focus on seeing the flowers grow. I can’t tell you how great it has been. We are over the moon with our work and want it to continue. I love getting my shorts and gardening shoes on and getting stuck in. I never believed I could enjoy it so much’.

A quote from Debby herself “ The pride we all feel in watching it grow and change has been quite lovely to see. We have spent many evenings accessing the garden and the sense of achievement we all feel makes the initial hard work all worthwhile as it now starts to bloom. We even have our own snail patrol! It proves that ‘together, from little acorns mighty oaks grow’”

Thank you so much to all those staff and patients who have been involved in this project. It really is a joy to see!

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