Involvement Partner Opportunities

Involvement Partner opportunities

Nottinghamshire Healthcare has an Involvement, Experience and Volunteering Strategy which sets out how we will ensure that we involve people, how we will listen to and act upon their views. It is really important that we understand what matters to people, what we are getting right and what needs to improve. You know what it’s like to receive care from our services (or you have supported someone who has). You can use your experiences to help us design, plan and change our services so that they deliver good care, to you, your loved ones and to future users of our services. By working together with you, we will make better decisions that lead to services that are more caring and better meet everyone’s needs.

How to Register your interest:

Below is a list of the current Involvement Partner opportunities that we have available for you to get involved in.

Details of how to register your interest is detailed in the role information next to ‘Get Involved!’ (Usually by clicking the link or by contacting the person detailed in the information by email or telephone).

Please note that if you are interested in more than one opportunity you only need to complete one form, however, please ensure you indicate on the form all of the opportunities you are interested in (The titles of roles are given in the descriptions).

If you have previously registered with us but are interested in a new role, please do not complete the registration form, contact us to discuss.

For further information about what is involved and how to become an Involvement Partner, click here for further information and how to register.

Involvement Partner Opportunities for Ages 14 – 25 (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services)

Involvement Partner Opportunities – Ages 18 and over (Adult Mental Health, Mental Health Services for Older People and Specialist Services)

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