Involvement interviewing training at Rampton Hospital (Rosewood Involvement Centre)

This post is about Involvement interview training with patients on the personality disorder unit at Rampton. The training was well attended and ten patients attended. They spoke of difficulties on the ward and we spent some time listening to them. We explained that by doing the training they would be a part of helping to choose their future carers in the hospital and also they would help to shape the service and the culture within the hospital. They used their own lived experience to come up with some recovery and value based questions, which were very insightful. In the afternoon they did some role play on a mock interview panel and asking their own questions. We role played the candidates and the patients played the interviewers. They practised their scoring and came up with a suitable/ appointable person for the role of team leader.

They were presented with certificates of achievement and then we spent some time with them chatting. I was particularly touched by their kindness- they presented us with pottery figurines that they had decorated themselves.

Another good and very worthwhile day spent at Rampton. Thank you to all who took part. It wasn’t an easy day to train, the temperature gauge hit 35C. So well done to all.

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