My name is Eric Wilson and I’m a volunteer at Rosewood Involvement Centre. I am regularly involved in staff interviews as part of a panel of carers and service users. I recently participated in interviews for two new Consultant Psychiatrists.

The panel consisted of Alan an ex-service user, Audrey a service user, Ingrid a carer and myself as a service user acting as chair.

We asked four questions each designed around patient and carer involvement in the Recovery pathway and also the role and inclusion of carers, families and friends in the  Triangle of Care.

As one of the Posts was for the Crisis team, one question was about provision for the prevention of admission and readmission.

We look for values based answers in accordance with the 6 c’s

Care, Compassion, Competence, Communication, Courage and Commitment.

The I.I.T. train patients to sit on interview panels and we have had recent successes at Rampton Hospital, interviewing nurses and nursing assistants.

It is always a privilege for me to help recruit staff for the Trust and I am hoping to gain more experience in this area as time goes on.


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