International Volunteer Manager’s Day – Lyndsy

Lyndsy is a Volunteer Support Officer with the Involvement, Experience and Volunteering Team in Nottinghamshire Healthcare. As part of International Volunteer Manager’s Day, she reflects on her role, volunteers and the challenges of 2020.

What a year it has been!!!!!  Like many of you this year has been one like we have never lived through before and it has brought its challenges both personally and professionally. Despite that it has been another year that I have been able to work some of the most wonderful people “You” our dedicated volunteers.

I am sure many of you know, as I have said on so many occasions that I love my job! Here are just a few reasons why I do

  • There is no job that gives you the same satisfaction at the end of each working day that one tiny little thing you may have done or been part of has changed, impacted or made a significant difference for the better to someone else.
  • You get to meet the most dedicated, supportive and quiet frankly amazing people you could ever meet.
  • Being part of team that all have the same goals and wants to achieve a world that is inclusive, transparent, thoughtful, caring and has our service users and carers at the heart of it are just a few to name.

Back to this year, and way back in March we didn’t know how we could achieve the things mentioned above to highest degree of previous years, how could we continue to support our volunteers to continue to do the amazing work they do so tirelessly. There was going to challengers, we needed to do things a whole new way, we needed to ensure everyone’s safety, but things didn’t hold any of you back or let us forget that you were there and wanting to help in these difficult times.

We have all been on a steep learning curve me included, the new world of technology virtual meetings, emails you name it we have worked through it and continue to do so.

Being able to work with volunteers is true privilege, being able to watch and support the amazing things you achieve makes my work so much easier and fulfilling.

The 5th November is celebrated as Volunteer Managers day but none of that would be possible without you, so from the bottom of heart I thank and salute you for allowing me to have my dream job.

International Volunteer Manager’s Day is celebrated on the 5th November. It was founded to recognise the role of Volunteer Managers in their mobilisation and support of the worlds volunteers.

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