How does volunteering help your mental health?

During World Mental Health Awareness Day, which fell in Nottingham’s Mental Health Awareness Weeks this year, we held a coffee and cake afternoon at our Involvement Centre at Duncan Macmillan House.

As part of the afternoon, we asked our volunteers how volunteering helps their own mental health. We plan on adding these to our Volunteers Handbook and new volunteer information packs.

How does volunteering help your mental health?

“It makes me feel like I am not alone”

“Gave life a purpose after retiring from work”

“Makes us feel useful. Gives us self worth”

“It helps me to keep looking at new ways to help myself when I help others. Re-evaluate oneself”

“Making a difference giving encouragement and hope to others. Having a sense of satisfaction and purpose that you are making a valuable contribution”

“Empowers, improves and gives us a purpose. Supports”

“Volunteering helps by giving you something to do”

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