Hello My Name is Rachel

Hello my name is Rachel..

I am a Trust staff member. My day job is Senior Project Manager.  In my spare time I support the Trust by leading the ‘Check it Out’ Campaign.  The campaign is a partnership with the local GMB Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey team.  The campaigns main aim is to raise awareness of the effects of physical and mental health whilst supporting inclusion and involvement. One of the many benefits of this campaign is to help people on the road to recovery after being unwell.

I work with the Panthers team and set up visits to our  health services during the ice hockey season so they can get some  ‘hands on experience’ of the many services we offer.  The Trust supports 10 games during the season and we take the opportunity to highlight a different service at each match. We provide a stand at the arena with information and staff are always available to answer questions.

The Campaign is a chance for service users and their families or carers and volunteers to attend an ice hockey game. I know from gathering feedback from our events that our service users and their families really do find the games exciting!  Families can participate together socially and that’s a real bonus for some people who may not get the chance to do this regularly.

It is an immense pleasure to lead the campaign for the Trust and its so easy being such a huge Panthers fan myself!

Rachel Redford -Senior Project Manager/GMB Nottingham Panthers Campaign Lead

Millbrook Mental Health Unit/ DMH Tel: 01159 691300 Ext 10773

Email: rachel.redford@nottshc.nhs.uk

Rachel presenting Man of the Match, Sam Oakford & Sarah Gallivan  Panthers Campaign Communications Lead
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