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Hello my name is Jane. I have worked in the NHS for a (very) long time and worked in the Involvement Team for over nine years. I started off in a Mental Health Day Centre in Broad Street Nottingham and supported service users on their journey to recovery. I became the first person to be called ‘Community Bridgebuilder’ for volunteering in the Trust. I placed our service users into voluntary roles both within the Trust and in community settings and once again, found myself in a role that enabled recovery which I loved.

After this I worked in Intellectual Developmental Disabilities or Learning Disabilities Services (as it was known then) at Highbury Hospital. I transferred to The Inclusion Team then moved yet again (I like travelling) and managed a team in the Community to set up education and volunteering opportunities at a Health Living Centre in Nottingham City.

My current role is diverse and rewarding. Patient Experience is really important in my job. Since 2009 real time feedback has become increasingly important.

Being part of changes in NHS services is a huge motivator. Some people who access our services are vulnerable and don’t have a ‘voice’ to express their views and need support to feedback so we try to make this easier for those people. A strong partnership with Care Opinion and our Service User and Carer Experience (SUCE) survey provides the evidence of these changes. People can see publicly that their feedback has been heard and acted upon. Nottinghamshire Healthcare feedback website is a first. Have a look.

I have been astounded by the impact of stories and the lives that we change, often without realising it. New technology and social media helps us to target hard to reach areas. Staff who really listen and respond to their feedback in real time gives them ownership of feedback delivered to the heart of their team where it really matters.

The other passion in my work is to ensure carers, families and friends are heard and are involved with the Trust in the way they want to be. We are working hard to give equality to our carers, families and friends. They are often the people who can tell us most about the person they care for.

And a bit about me out of work. I’m an arts graduate who ended up running an outdoor pursuits business in Northumberland quite by chance, and me, a dedicated non athlete!

I’m also a Dementia Champion volunteer raising awareness on how to become dementia friendly in the local community. I also love digital photography and social media.

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