Hello, My Name is Jack

cropped-dsc_00221-e15005399898621.jpgJack,  Involvement Volunteer shares his experiences of Rosewood Involvement Centre

When I first arrived to Rosewood I was greeted straight away by Nigel, Rosewood Centre Manager who was very friendly and welcoming . He took the time to have a chat with me telling me lots of information which I found very interesting. He also told me quite a lot about himself and his own personal experiences. Nigel  gave me a tour around the building including the music room for the resident band ‘The Rosewood Rockers‘ which I thought was a great idea!

The garden outside looked very nice from the hard work of the Rosewood Gardening Club.

Rosewood Garden
Rosewood Garden


Nigel introduced me to staff and members in the centre who made me very welcome. They  involved me straight away letting me help out in the kitchen prepping food for the buffet.

I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere sharing lots of conversations and jokes. After lunch we had a chat  from Nigel about up and coming events. It sounded like something I’d like to be a part of  with plenty of different opportunities.

Nigel & Graphic
Nigel Groves Rosewood Centre Manager

It was great to hear positive feedback of members soon to be graduating from a Peer Support Course and seeing everybody else being so supportive to them. I really enjoyed my time at Rosewood  and I am really looking forward to coming back.

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