Hello My name is Gordon

Hello my name is Gordon. I was introduced to Rosewood Involvement Centre from the Let’s Talk Wellbeing service run by our Trust as they thought I had come as far as I could with counselling and needed something more in my life.

Before I joined Rosewood, my life revolved around my family, doing everything from getting my children up for school, housework and being there until they went to bed. I did next to nothing for myself apart from going to a Let’s Talk group for an hour each week.

After attending a Communications group at Rosewood plus their regular Friday centre meetings, I felt I had become a member of the ‘Rosewood Family’. Somewhere I could be myself. I was accepted for who I was for the first time in nearly 20 years.

There are numerous opportunities you can take part in as a volunteer. I have taken part in training courses which I enjoyed and gained valuable information to help me progress in my Recovery.

After a while I gained confidence and went to my first ‘Millbrook Live’ meeting which I found daunting at first but it was fascinating to hear patients views and opinions about their experiences on the ward and the way services can be changed through listening to patients.

As a direct result of being involved at Rosewood I am slowly becoming the person I was before my bout of depression where my state of mind was so dark that I only thought of self-ham and ways to end my life.

I am grateful and thankful that none of actions were fulfilled and I am now here to help others in similar situations.

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