Hello, my name is Elizabeth


Hello and my name is Elizabeth and I am a volunteer at Rosewood Involvement Centre in Ollerton.

Since I have been at Rosewood, I have mainly observed Friday meetings to get a feel for the place and recently I have started attending Comms Group, on Mondays.

I have felt right at home from the start at Rosewood, due to other volunteers making me feel very welcome and part of the group.

I hope to be a Feedback Volunteer and there are some other volunteer roles that interest me. But also, I have been asked if I would like to write for this Involvement blog. So here I am with my first blog post and hopefully there will be more to come from me, or posts that I will write on behalf of other volunteers.

I have personal experience of mental health from an early age, due to my mum having a mental health disorder. I have also experienced depression and anxiety myself, over the years and on antidepressants.

After having plenty of counselling sessions and getting down to my route cause of how I am, I started to write my own personal blog on mental health and other topics. This personal blog has been (and still is) therapeutic for me, in times of difficulty.

Although my personal blog is not a year old, this blog is not the first one I write, as I have been a blogger for years before when writing a deaf blog. (Another blog that started off to be therapeutic for me.)

Although I have my own personal experiences of mental health, I wanted to be a volunteer at Rosewood to gain further understanding in mental health.  I am also doing a home study course on mental health course and two other health care type courses to complete after.

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