Becky Cassidy Hello My Name is
Becky Cassidy

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my first blog! My name is Becky Cassidy and I work with the Trust Governors at Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. Over a series of blogs I hope that you will read and understand more about what your Governors do and how you can get in touch with them. To start with you can find out more about your Governors by  using this link 

The Trust is currently in the middle of an election process where we are seeking to elect 9 new Governors. Why don’t you click on the link  and find out more on how to vote for your preferred candidate who can represent your views about Nottinghamshire Healthcare

In order to cast your vote successfully you must be a member of the Trust. There are many added benefits of being a member so I would encourage you to click on the link to join the Trust here if you haven’t already

Until next time….. Becky

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