Hello, my name is Amanda. I’m a carer.

Hello My Name is Amanda

Most of my life I have had mental health issues and often put others first.

When I moved into a flat next door to my Nana initially, it was nice. She’s 94, does crosswords and likes to read.

At the time I was trying to build a new life after marriage breakdown and mental health problems. 

I took on volunteering with the Involvement Centre, which is part of Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust. This gave me a sense of purpose and hopefully helped others.

Ann & Amanda,Volunteers & Carers with Ryan at Trust Staff Induction

As time has passed though, my Nana has become more reliant on me as she can’t walk far. A fall in December 2019 didn’t help and knocked her confidence. She hasn’t been outside since. This means my volunteering has had to take a back seat as Coronavirus has increased the support I need to give to my Nana.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Nana but find her hard work!

My own life is on hold, my mental health is suffering, and my Nana wants  only me to look after her, not strangers.With the recent Coronavirus outbreak the family can’t visit her. Her hearing is much worse, but she refuses to believe she deaf!

But anyway; I will keep plodding on because love is stronger than my frustration.

Stay safe all 


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