Carers Week 11-17 June Happy 70th Birthday to the NHS! from Jim


Following his  late wife Tina’s diagnosis of dementia in 2003, Jim Radburn ‘worked tirelessly’ to lobby, gain funding and set up a self-help group run by and for carers. Carers in Hucknall  was started by Jim.  The group aims to offer support to local carers and the people they care for in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire and surrounding areas. Jim has been and still is,  an active campaigner for carers support over the years and was integral in the development and implementation of our Trust Working Age Dementia Service  now coming up to its 10 year anniversary. 

Jim has joined in to help us wish the NHS a very Happy 70th Birthday

What is your name?  

Jim Radburn

 Where do you volunteer?

Notts. Healthcare Foundation Trust, Queens Medical Centre, Patient and Public Involvement,  The Institute of Mental Health, Carers in Hucknall.

How would you describe the partnership with Nottinghamshire Healthcare?

I got involved!

What are you most proud of?

It has now been over 10 years since I helped get the Working Age Dementia  (WAD) service started. This is the most thing I am proud of out of all the things I have done and it is a service that the Trust should very proud of too.

How would you describe the NHS?        

‘Our NHS’

If you could give the NHS any birthday present what would it be?  

The money to help it run properly for us

Jim Radburn award 2010
Jim Radburn

Follow our countdown to the NHS’s 70th birthday as we post a blog a day.

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