Guest post from Carol Ward- My training and development

I have attended Rosewood Involvement Centre now since March 2014. In that time I have accessed many training opportunities, including:

      Food Safety


      Deaf Awareness


      Equality and Diversity


      Safeguarding Adults


      Safeguarding Children


      Stress Management


      Customer Care Skills


      Story Shop Training


    Manual Handling and Back Care

And last but not least:

Care Programme Approach Training

The training has played a big part in my development and I continue to learn and grow alongside my colleagues and friends at Rosewood. The many different learning opportunities continue to enrich and support my own mental health recovery. I thank Rosewood for continuing to keep me safe and well during my journey through some difficult and challenging personal circumstances. If anyone was to ask what has Rosewood Involvement done for you I’d say it’s given me my life back.

The Care Programme Approach Training was, for me, the most significant. The training took approximately 7 weeks to complete and its probably fair to say that it hasn’t ended there. Further opportunities following on from the training. The CPA training empowered us all to deliver presentations both individually and as part of a group. And as part of this we have told our own recovery stories to patients at Rampton Hospital several times. Our stories were well received and I hope they gave others hope for the future. Our group presentations were well received also. As part of this we talked about the Mental Health Act, vulnerable groups in society, the CQC 5 key standards and how everyone’s individual right to a proper care plan can keep them safe and supported. The CPA training won an award and I went along with others to collect the award at a Care Co- Ordination Association National Event. I felt very proud to accept this award as a service user and on behalf of other service users. The event celebrated innovation, best practice and research.

Further developments following on from the training are already in the pipeline and myself and other volunteers who took part are looking forward to the next steps including the use of IT – a powerful and increasingly accessible medium for patients within their own homes.

I never imagined I’d be standing up in front of groups of people and sharing my story. But I am. So thanks to everyone for all their support in the process and I’d encourage others to have a go also. If I can do it then so can you.

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One thought on “Guest post from Carol Ward- My training and development

  1. Dear Carol, This is excellent and congratulations in undertaking all this training especially the CPA. I hope now that you are feeling strong, clever and well enough to help others to improve their lives. There is nothing more gratifying and fulfilling than that. Brilliant work by you and great by Rosewood and the Trust to give you the opportunity but after all it comes from you and your courage and intelligence. I am so glad that you feel a lot better and happier.

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