Give to others, volunteer!

Continuing on with the Five Steps to Mental Wellbeing. Missed Step 1? Start here and see how volunteering helps connect you with others.

Step 4: Give to others.

Hopefully the link between volunteering and giving to others is pretty self explanatory. In June 2017 alone, our volunteers donated approximately 5,712 hours of their time to our Trust. This has been of massive benefit to Service Users, Carers, Staff, Friends and Family as well as the Volunteers themselves. We’re really appreciative of all the contributions they make. Instead of hammering home the many (many, many) different ways in which they give, I’m instead going to say a a great, big:

Thank you!

Interested in getting involved and finding out more? Give us a call to find out what volunteering opportunities we have available: 0800 052 1415 or email us:

Still need more convincing? There’s only one more step to go, follow this blog to read about them.



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