George Shopping Pilot At Ramptons Womens service

Since June 2020, patients from Ruby Ward, within the National High Secure Women’s Service at Rampton Hospital have been piloting online clothes shopping from George at ASDA. This has been a unique and exciting opportunity for our patients as they have never previously had the facility to shop online direct within Rampton Hospital.

This innovative project has been a positive step towards enabling our patients to develop their IT skills and keep up to date with changes in the wider community. With staff supervision, our patients have been browsing the website and shopping from a much wider range of clothing than that which is currently available in the hospital and it is a lot more affordable too.

Feedback from our patient group has been excellent – here are some of their quotes

I just think George is awesome’

‘It’s great to have a good range of clothes that have good sizes and is cheap’

‘It’s the best thing that has come out of Rampton’

‘It’s given us new skills and new opportunities being able to shop online’

‘I’ve enjoyed being able to pick my own clothes, makes me feel more independent and able to do normal things’

‘George has all positive and no negatives, it has given us the most remarkable experience of being the first patients to access George online’

‘Thumbs up all the way’

‘It’s great good for getting presents for our families’

Following the success of the pilot, in July, it was extended to  include Topaz ward and we are aiming to have all the Women’s wards utilising online ordering by October 2020. It is then hoped to roll out even further across the wider hospital.

Martina Griffiths

Modern Matron

National High Secure Women’s Service

Rampton Hospital

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