Festivities at the Centres

Last Friday and Tuesday were the Christmas parties at the Involvement Centres. We invited our volunteers and staff that have supported us throughout the year.

Nigel and Jo strike a pose!

They were fun afternoons, with a lot of laughter and good cheer.

Eric harmonises with Michael as he’s handing out chocolates.

Everyone joined in with music and singing.

Santa (Gordon) and a helpful elf (Laura)!

Gordon donned a Santa suit borrowed from Millbrook to match his festive cheer.

The Rosewood Rockers in full swing!

At Rosewood, the Rockers helped lead the singing…

Nigel and Jonathan accompany a sing-a-long.

…and at DMH, Jonathan and Nigel brought their guitars out.

Adrian entertains all with his poetry.

Adrian read some of his poetry – which we’ve published on our blog before.

We had food, activities and we also raised over £50 from the events to go into charitable funds.

Thank you to all who came. To all who weren’t able to make it, you were missed.

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