Feedback highlights from Rampton

During lockdown it’s important to still get feedback from patients. These are some of the highlights from Topaz Ward in Rampton Women’s Services:

  • Multiple ward staff commenting how helpful it has been having the TED staff on the ward.
  • Being able to support fresh air for the patients whilst the weather has been sunny. The patients have voiced they appreciate being offered more opportunities for fresh air.
  • Working with patients who are difficult to motivate and engage and observing their confidence and engagement grow. For example, one patient who is typically quite withdrawn and lacks confidence in all areas has been observed to be joining in more with craft activities and she appears to have enjoyed this.
  • Being able to provide more activities for LTS patients including offering various craft sessions, this not only helps to decrease boredom but also increases their opportunities for new sensory experiences to help reduce sensory deprivation.
  • Being able to welcome new patients to the ward and support them to explore their likes and dislikes with regards to activities.
  • Encouraging the patients to try new things and supporting them to expand their interests.

Also, highlights from the Service User, Carer Experience Survey in the Rampton Men’s Personality Disorder Services:

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