Family Carers – Things to Do with your relative at home during Covid-19

Sharon Grocock -Peer Support Lead and Carer from our Trust Working Age Dementia service shared this huge (and brilliant) list of activities with us from The National Activity Providers Association or NAPA.

Sharon Grocock
Peer Support Lead

Sometimes when a person is very physically unwell or has advanced dementia, it can be hard to find things to do when you can’t do all your usual activities Being at home without visitors can make that even more difficult.

Things to do with your relative at home during Covid-19

About the WAD service. At present the Working Age Dementia Service provides support by telephone and they check in with their patients and carers regularly. As time goes on this will change depending on government guidelines.

The service is for people under 65 who have a suspected or confirmed diagnosis of dementia. They provide assessment, diagnosis and early treatment after diagnosis covering Nottingham City, Nottinghamshire County and Bassetlaw.

Peer Support Hub pre-Coronavirus

In the Working Age Dementia Service (WAD), you are a peer if you have lived experience of early onset dementia. During Covid, some of the Peer Hubs set up WhatsApp Groups to offer support between themselves.

So, to finish now with a reminder about that NAPA activity list which makes some great suggestions from organising the sewing basket, button box, socks drawer or toolbox or making a bird feeder together.

Finally, take a moment to remember that sometimes holding your relative’s hand or being a good listener is enough for that moment in time as well as giving hugs and affection too.

WAD Rainbows
created by Terry Atherton
Family Carer
‘Terry has been crocheting rainbows to raise funds for the nursing home where her husband lives now.’

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