Feedback & Experience

Feedback and Experience

“To listen to our patients, service users and carers in a variety of ways that enables their feedback and views to be heard. To use the information we receive intelligently and with understanding so we respond honestly and make changes that improve people’s health and wellbeing.”

How can we possibly know how to deliver the best care possible if we don’t know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of our care? Feedback from our service users (and their families and carers) is critical. Without it, we risk delivering care that fails to make the difference in people’s lives that we’re aiming for.

There are some fundamental principles that inform our approach to feedback:

  1. The NHS should be honest and open about people’s experiences and what people are saying about publicly funded services, even when it is hard to hear. We publish as much of our feedback as we can.
  2. We genuinely take feedback seriously. Lots of organisations say this but do very little with their feedback. We collect feedback because we want to understand what it’s like to be a service user or carer, and because we want to make things better for everyone.
  3. Feedback should be easy to give and you should be able to tell us about what matters to you. We ask some questions in our survey but importantly we leave you lots of space to tell us what was good and what could have been better, in your own words.

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