Equality Diversity and Inclusion carers event. Rampton Hospital

On Saturday 13th March there was a Carer event held on Microsoft Teams. My reflections from the Day

Nigel Groves

Involvement and Experience Lead, Forensic Services

There was an overall update from Anna Simpson the General Manager at Rampton Hospital which covered an update on Covid and how the wards had been working and supporting Patients etc. plus the Purple visits that are currently taking place. These visits are virtual with patients able to chat with their Families in a secure environment

Annett Magore, Modern Matron-Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (Forensic Division) hosted the Event and followed Anna with a presentation around Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI ) and the survey from patients about racism and bullying and what action is being taken.  There were two break out rooms, one for carers which worked well as only three staff were present. I think it gave them a good space to relax a little and be part of the conversations

The other group was for staff and 25 were involved at the event in total with 15 carers attending on the day

I found the debate and questions  very open and transparent and lots to work on here.

Patient Involvement was a key theme in this day and patients accepted that a co-production Training of the EDI agenda is the way forward with a positive outlook.

Other things discussed: There was a question on the percentages of BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) representation at Rampton Hospital. 15% was the response and as a whole was representative of the wider outside community. There was a comment however that in prisons the percentage rate is much higher, Annett  will check the percentages.

Annett gave her presentation and the following comments, questions were raised. One of the carers was concerned about patients  and how can they identify from mixed race. They felt that some patients perhaps when filling out a survey would be unable to identify themselves in a specific category if they came from a mixed background and one of the questions raised was why people don’t know which group they belong to.

One carer said racism is not always about colour it includes language and attitudes, they also noted that they never had an issue with their son while he had been at the hospital, however he would never tell staff so we would have to sort this out. (The Trust to consider this).

There was a short discussion around banter

Presentation by Sue and Lawrence. What we are doing to address the results of the survey and subsequent reports? They updated us that around  150 + staff at Rampton Hospital had completed training around racism and bullying etc, this  had to be done virtually, no face-to-face training due to Covid has been available. All nine characteristics are covered in the training.

Sue explained that next week the therapy’s education department (TED) and involvement are meeting a group of patients in the evening to hopefully gain good representation across the hospital. The aim is to consider how to develop a co-produced course for patients around the equality and diversity and inclusion agenda, racism and bullying. Sue explained that before this could take place they are delivering a ‘train the trainer’ session so that patients will have the skill mix to help coproduce the EDI agenda training pack for the patients.


Breakout groups,

Feedback from Group 2- Carers Group. Attending: One social team staff member, one day centre manager for Women Services and the Involvement and Experience lead for Forensic Services. (all helped to host the carers breakout room).

Tara, the social work staff member started the debate on what could we improve ,what we  had received on the survey and patient  experience plus what were your ideas? ( the carers )

Question from a carer, how do you help hard to reach patients who keep themselves to themselves? Sometimes they come to the family first as they are not are comfortable or confident to bring up issues locally. Some patients have said it could come out the wrong way when reporting issues so they discuss it with their families first.

Tara explained that patients are encouraged to express themselves and  is okay to speak out. Staff can and do identify sometimes what is going on. Social workers can address it when any issues are raised.

Kath from women services explained that hard to reach patients, the staff team are instrumental in getting feedback from patients. there are a number of volunteers from outside Rampton, who help with surveys so patients can feel assured that they are anonymous to feedback on their experiences. The involvement of experience lead for forensic services is not based at Rampton and has developed a meaningful positive relationship with all patient forums, and meetings. This has helped patients when feeding back about the service.

Kath from Women’s Services explained where information goes if something is picked up. Information goes to social workers and information is passed onto the team to act. We also have a advocacy service who can help a Patents speaking up. if a incident happens it would be classed as a safeguarding incident and investigated. notifying the clinical team is always important and this takes place.

One carer asked social workers specific questions relating to fresh air breaks. If they notice a patient not going out, Do the staff know if the patient is worried? If one patient does not go out could this be that they’re worried about bullying or racism, do the staff know what is going on and do they target questions to that individual not taking a fresh breaks?  Tara explained that if incidents are observed then if  staff feel the need to address an issue they empower the patients to speak up. The carer was concerned if social work are informed do staff share information?

Kath from Women’s Services explained that fresh air breaks are currently ward by ward only. Ruby Ward for example would go out etc , then the next ward.  Wards don’t mix at the moment.  Explained that she is confident that staff would act if they see something going on or if any issues have been identified.

There were three questions from one of our carers as follows:

The carer was talking about the survey on EDI and said there was a section on patients not reporting an issue as the patient had commented nothing would change.

1 The question was, has action ever been taken?

2.You say there is an action plan for equality diversity and inclusion to educate all involved but if the patients don’t feel nothing will change how can you solve this?

3.The last question from the carer was when the CQC (Care Quality Commission) inspected that they highlighted the subject.

Question One: Answer from Tara social worker. Yes. Women’s Services for example encourage anyone who has suffered racism or bullying to talk to the police. This is an individual choice at this stage some patients want to step back, this could be an issue if patients don’t feel that engaging with the police would help.

Sometimes mediation is set up between different patients and this can be a positive experience for all.  patients do need support when doing this and it is up to the patient how far it goes.

Question two. Answer: The action plan had been taken to patients forums. Some patients feel that no action happens and staff were asked how to consider how to support this with the patients. Some staff recognise that we can do better and the agenda needs to move forward. Staff have completed workshops and training and the subsequent co-delivery of patient training is on the way.

Question three. CQC Did they pick up issues which has led to this action plan and the implementation of the equality diversity and inclusion agenda not only at Rampton but the Trust as a whole?

One carer wanted to know if the information from today could be shared including the slides as there was lots of information to consider take on board.

Breakout Group 2 re-joined the main group to hear feedback from staff and their discussions and then we fed back from the debate from the carers

I really enjoyed the session and was happy that the carers are Involved in this work as well as our patients across all the hospital Directorates

Survey Percentage of responses by Directorates at Rampton


Involvement and Experience Lead for Forensic Services

Triangle of Care
Triangle of Care

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