Rampton Hospital round up, Equality Diversity and Inclusion ( EDI ) Training for Patients ( PD & MH ). Day Centres Round up

Rampton Hospital Round Up for May: Equality Diversity and Inclusion ( EDI ) Training for Patients. Women’s service Sapphire Gardens Mental Health Awareness Week. International Nurses Day . Southwell Day Centre update National High Secure Learning Disability Service

EDI is very important to the patients and staff involved in the project and this is reflected in the work that they produced for the Recovery College. It is important to the patients that they get across the message that all aspects of EDI are as important as each other; not one aspect was to be given less content time than any of the others. It was also important that everyone that suffers discrimination, no matter what form, has a voice and has a right to be heard

The patients also knew that if this was to be a success, they needed to engage a wider audience. They knew they needed to work hard and promote what they were doing and that the only way to do this was to conduct a roadshow; taking the recovery college on tour.  We are just at the planning stage but if the work that has gone into the planning has anything to go by; we know the course is going to deliver.


Samantha McDaid-

Day Unit Team Leader PD Services

Feedback from PD Patients

Patient 1

I am very passionate about this subject area. I have personal experience of discrimination and know first hand the impact this can have on a person emotionally and physically.

From my experiences; I can express to others what happened to me.

Patient 2

I think it is important to talk about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

We are all human beings. Why should anyone be treated any different from anyone else.

Speech Bubble conversation
EDI Feedback

Feedback From MH Patients

Kirsty Smith
Affiliate Lecturer  Therapies & Education Department

EDI Presentation Feedback from Carlisle ward MH

  1. What are somethings that you enjoyed about the meetings/presentation?

“I enjoyed being involved in pitting it together the EDI training course together and putting my points across.”

“Everybody talking accordingly, no interruptions.”

“I enjoyed listening to other patients point of views about EDI.”

“I enjoyed brainstorming activities and the PowerPoint presentation. I enjoyed learning about EDI and the nine characteristics.”

“Getting my points out on the nine characteristics and also working in a group.”

“I enjoyed the presentation and seeing people from different Carestream’s. I enjoyed Kirsty’s help.”

  • Why do you think EDI is important?

“I think it’s important to educate others about cultural differences and the other characteristics. They are all really important.”

“I think it’s important to educate others about cultural differences and the other characteristics. They are all really important.”

“To help my friends. I have not done EDI work before and it is nice to challenge myself.”

“To help my friends. I have not done EDI work before and it is nice to challenge myself.”

“To not judge someone on their characteristics.”

“To help with patient and staff population. To help with EDI at Rampton Hospital.”

“To show basic understanding towards human beings and their needs.”

To know more about culture.”

  • What is good about being involved in EDI?

“To know the importance of EDI and to help others.”

“To see if it makes a difference for the future. I think it will be a good experience and shows people that you care about the topic.”

“To learn about others and what’s close to their hearts.”

Being involved in future courses and training programmes.”

“I can see both sides of a characteristics.”

“To help people and help myself.”

Any other feedback:

“I enjoyed the support from Kirsty when I feel a bit nervous.”

“I am happy to help my peers and support them.”

“I enjoyed the feedback from managers.”

MH Presentation

The next session is booked 27th May in the evening to aid Patient to take Part we will get to see some of the work Women’s service have been doing to help this co-production work.

Well done to every one involved in this work , Patients, and Staff all pulling together. EDI in progress

Women’s service Take part in Mental Health Awareness Week. International Nurses Day

International Nurses Day is celebrated on 12th May every year, which is also the anniversary of the birth of nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale. 

This year’s celebration is made all the more special as 2021 has been marked as the Year of the Nurse and Midwife as it’s the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. 


On May 8th, 2021 staff at Diamond Resource Centre (Therapies, Education & Rehabilitation Services) organised an event for international Nurses Day.

This was in the form of a Danceathon.  We danced outside in the fresh air for an hour to loud music.  Those patients who didn’t dance decided to keep a football in the air by kicking it up for as long as possible, some other patients and staff hula hooped, especially modern matron Martina.

We as a group decided to do this for charity “CAVELL NURSES TRUST” we raised £82 pounds.

Patients said

“Got everybody together outside in separate wards”

“Got the groove going”

“Felt like coming back to life again after all these restriction’s”

“Nice to get to see each other again”

“Nice of staff to do this for us”

Thank you Kath & the wonderful (TERS) Staff.

Kath Alder

DRC Manager,  (RMN)

National High Secure Service For Women,

The Southwell Centre for the National High Secure Learning Disability Service on track to reopen, also Mental Health awareness week

Thank you to

Lyndsey Harding

Acting Day Care Manager

Southwell Day Unit

And finally Mental Health awareness week in LD


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