Duncan Macmillan House Involvement Centre- what’s on

Here at the Duncan Macmillan House Involvement Centre we’ve got an exciting month planned for March 2015!

Kicking off there’s the Patient Feedback Challenge event taking place Tuesday 3rd in Edwinstowe where we will be presenting a years worth of work on feedback in the Involvement Team. The suggestion for us to do this came from a volunteer who said ‘hang on, if we’re asking other teams to be excellent at feedback shouldn’t we be able to do this too?’ – fair enough, we did and the presentation is a whistle stop tour of all the work we’ve done.

The Ideal Ward Round project continues apace. What would an ideal ward round look like? We’re trying to find out. Volunteers are heading onto wards armed with the questionnaires we’ve developed to find out what patients, staff and carers think about their present ward round. There’ll definitely be more updates on this project over the next few months!

We’re also running a Story Shop towards the end of March, this is where our ‘Storytellers’ share their lived experience of mental health with individuals to raise awareness and challenge stigma. This month’s Story Shop is taking place at Queen’s Medical Centre Hospital and is for doctors in training. We’ve been working with the Medical school for a while now and every event is a success, so we’re looking forward to this one.

Added to that we have the usual meetings, interviews, audits and planning with volunteers that goes on week in week out at the Involvement Centre.

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