Did you hear the one about the Health Assistant and the ACP who thought they were going to a posh party because they had to wear a gown!!

Humour has been one of the ways that we have got through the Covid-19 pandemic… that and singing (some in tune and some, well, questionable).

Hi folks, my name is Malcolm and I am a Staff Governor for Nottinghamshire Healthcare and work with the Medical Out of Hours Team based in Bassetlaw Hospital. We are a small team of ACPs (Advanced Clinical Practitioners), Health Assistants/Drivers and Receptionists, together with Sally, our Service Co-Ordinator.

Malcolm on duty for Bassetlaw Out of Hours Service

As front-line staff going into people’s homes and nursing/care homes it was a bit daunting at first because Covid-19 was something new to us and as we work closely with other teams such as District Nursing, Rapid Response, Twilight and Mental Health Liaison.

It was clear early on that a lot of people were being seen by the different teams and that we all connected at the Primary Care Centre. Everyone has upped their game to deal with this pandemic and gone the extra mile to keep the service running and cope with whatever we face. We have been fit tested for masks, gone swabbing, cleaned and infection wiped this place to the point of needing a paint job when it’s all over! We also stream patients from A & E In Hours now as well. Everyone has apprehensions and fears, but everyone still reports for duty and does the best they can.

Malcolm and colleagues

We all have family/relatives that need to be safe so our lifestyles have had to change but it won’t be forever and then it will be over and Covid-19 will be history just like the Spanish flu.

For me, I like to be positive, so I try to do something I enjoy every day, whether that’s singing to my wife (it makes her blush), gardening or taking the dogs for a walk. I have a good network of colleagues and family who are good listeners and advisers, so there is always someone to talk things through with.

If you are struggling, Nottinghamshire Healthcare have people you can get in touch with if you’ve found yourself in a place or situation that is beyond you. These can all be found on Connect or the Trust website.

Well that’s it folks, I’ve Waffled on long enough. Take care, keep safe and above all, try and cause a smile pandemic because it’s infectious and makes you feel good! 😊

Malcolm having a well-earned pizza!
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3 thoughts on “Did You Hear The One About…?

  1. Excellent blog – we do try to be an upbeat working family! and have a laugh where we can!

  2. Hi Malcolm. Great to see what’s going on on the front lines and that you haven’t lost your sense of humour. Thank you for sharing this insight and thank all of the teams out there fighting for us to get back to our everyday routine lives. However dull they were, it seems so exotic right now!
    Agree we need an infectious smile pandemic!
    All the best

    1. Hi Jane Your very welcome. These are unusual times but I believe we will get through this and I hope we will all become a kinder and more caring nation.

      Take care


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