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I wake up in the morning and think about what the day holds for me. Are they going to make me come out of my room today because I get really anxious if I have to come out of my room, or if staff have to come in.

I might have a session in the morning or if I don’t my named nurse is on I have a session with her. 

I keep myself occupied by reading a newspaper everyday. I also may read a book if I’ve got one at hand. I might do a little bit of writing I might even play some cards through the hatch as I like doing this. 

I have therapies everyday. There is one day where someone comes to see me in the evening and writes letters with me. Because of my anxieties I have not been coming out of my room so to get me used to being around people they have been having the door open with me. This is to get me being around people more. I sit by the wall on the other side of my room and have general conversations with the staff who sit at the door. This makes me feel proper anxious. But as time goes by I will get used to it. 

Sometimes I may just have the door closed with one of the ward staff just sitting at my door talking to me. They do this to give me a bit of input during the day.

I don’t really tend to watch TV during the day but at night time I love to settle down with a film or one of my favourite programmes and chill out in the dark.

I usually go to sleep at midnight and that is how my day ends.

Written by a patient in the Women’s Service in Rampton

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