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We in the Involvement, Experience and Volunteering Team think that volunteering is brilliant. We’re understandably a little biased on the subject, but I thought I’d put together a series of blog posts that show how volunteering can benefit wellbeing.

According to theories and evidence, there are five steps to mental wellbeing; and one of the fantastic things about volunteering is that it actually covers every one of these five steps. (Spoiler alert, the rest of the steps that will be covered in later blogs are all listed on that link, so don’t click it if you enjoy slow-burning blog suspense).

Step 1: Connect.

As previous posts on our blog have shown, there’s a lovely sense of community with our volunteers, particularly in each of our Involvement Centres. Everyone has come together with a common, altruistic goal to make a difference. It’s common to see our volunteers having a catch up with a cup of tea before a meeting or arranging lunches or trips out together; many strong and lasting friendships have grown from this.

Interested in getting involved and finding out more? Give us a call to find out what volunteering opportunities we have available: 0800 052 1415 or email us:

Still need more convincing? There’s still four more steps to go, follow this blog to read about them.

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