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Raising awareness for Carers Week 2018 

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Carers say they want to live in communities that both support them to care well and be healthy themselves, to be able to work if they want to, and to have a life of their own outside their caring role. They want to be treated as individuals with their own health and wellbeing needs, and not only as a carer.


The Triangle of Care – The Triangle of Care is a therapeutic alliance between service user, staff and carer. By 2018 we expect all teams at Notts Healthcare Trust to have completed a Triangle of Care self-assessment showing how they work with carers now and what they aim to do in the future. 

Six standards of the Triangle of Care:

1 Carers are identified at first contact or as soon as possible thereafter.

2  Staff are ‘carer aware’ and trained in how to work with carers and their families.

3  Policy and practices should be in place. E.g. confidentiality and sharing information.

4  Defined staff post(s) responsible for carers are in place.

5  A carer introduction to the service and staff is available, with relevant information

6 A range of carer support services is available.

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Our Carers Week Pledge 2018

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3 thoughts on “Caring for Carers – The Triangle of Care

    1. Thank you Freda, it’s great to hear from you. We believe things have really changed since we adopted the Triangle of Care at Notts Healthcare. We have a better understanding and working relationship with carers and families. Their huge contribution to the Trust can’t be taken for granted or underestimated.

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