Carers Week 2020 Reflections

by Maxine Parr Involvement Team Administrator

I joined the Carers Connect Network (formerly Carers Strategy Implementation Group) a few years ago, as part of my Admin role as the minute taker and I must be honest, I didn’t really think about carers before this. 

After being part of this network and getting to know about the various support and work done for carers, I now see how important carers are and the immense pressure that they can face on a day to day basis. 

It has been encouraging to see the work that our staff are willing to do to support carers which in turn helps provide a better quality of care for their loved ones. It is lovely to see people pull together and not to forget carers and their health during this time

I’m always humbled to hear the experiences of carers and the journey they take in the care of their loved ones.  I am glad that I can play a tiny part in the support they we can give them.

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