Carers & Families

Carers and Families

Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust pledges its services will respond to carers who may feel lonely and isolated by listening to carers and helping them to find groups that offer support and opportunities to connect with others whilst providing information and resources that can help tackle loneliness.

Visible, Valued and Supported Nottinghamshire Healthcare’s Carer’s Week Pledge 2022

A carer is someone of any age who provides regular unpaid support to another person who could not manage without help. You may be a partner, friend, relative or neighbour or a young carer under the age of 18. Nottinghamshire Healthcare works in partnership with Trust staff and carers. By listening to and involving carers, we can provide better care for our patients and service users.

Paul Sanguinazzi, Head of Involvement, Experience and Volunteering explains the importance of working in partnership with Carers, Staff and patients.

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