Carers’ and families’ feedback matters too.

You’ve heard us banging the drum about the importance of feedback from service users – it’s pretty much #1 on our list of priorities: to ensure that the voice of our service users is heard, and that their experience counts towards making services better for everyone.

Well, the same is of course true about families and carers. Their perspective is invaluable, as they entrust their loved ones to our services and observe (or certainly hear about) the care we provide to them.

Listening to carers and families, hearing not only their opinions on how we cared for their loved ones but also their experiences of being supported by us, is so important. With so much of the day-to-day care of a person who is unwell falling to carers and families, knowing how they feel and how we can help them seriously benefits the overall effort of keeping our communities well.

Below is a poster to display in our services to encourage feedback from families and carers. They can use all the same mechanisms that service users have – the Trust experience survey (they will be directed to the questions for carers/families at the beginning) and Care Opinion being the best options.

Please help us to encourage families and carers to share their observations, opinions and experiences with us. Their feedback matters.

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