Carer Peer Support Work Yvonne Davies


My name is Yvonne Davies, I’m a Carer Peer Support Worker. I have the privilege to be able to work across different Trust sites. I’m currently at Bracken House Recovery Unit I also work on two acute wards, Bassetlaw B2 and Orchid Ward at Millbrook Mental Health Unit. I also co-facilitate two carer support groups. I started my role as a Carer Peer Support Worker at the end of 2021 and I have to say how time has flown and I’m loving every minute! I have a wealth of experience as a carer, from being a child carer to continuing as an adult carer.

Over the years I have worked in social care, supporting unpaid carers and service users within the community. I use my own lived and learned experience to support the carers, families, siblings’ and friends I come across within my daily role.

The support I provide to unpaid carers is only whilst their loved one is a patient on the ward or recovery unit. This is explained to the carer from the first contact I make with them. My contact with carers can be either by telephone, home visits, on the ward, or at a place comfortable for them to meet. I provide them with any information they need and signpost them to additional support if they request it. Carers rarely take the time to think of themselves and can feel lonely and isolated, not knowing what support is available to them, which can have a huge impact on their own wellbeing, so it’s important that they feel acknowledged, visible, valued and supported.  

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