Carer Peer Support Scott Pomberth

My name is Scott Pomberth I’m a Carer Peer Support Worker and I work in the City Crisis Team (CRHT) based in the Hazel Suite at Highbury Hospital, Nottingham.

My role is to provide support to those who are caring for a loved one who is supporting an individual with their mental health. I offer a safe and confidential space for Carers to talk about how they are feeling and provide them with reassurance. This support is through home visits and telephone calls. I am in contact with carers every day and I can make referrals to other services when required. Using my own lived experience is invaluable in supporting Carers. Being able to empathise and relate with Carers is an integral part of my role which values and respects Carers for the responsibilities they undertake.

Being a Carer Peer Support Worker is important to me because it enables me to offer Carers an opportunity to express themselves and to concentrate on their own lives. Carers rarely put themselves first, so I provide time for Carers to think about their own wellbeing.

I am a former carer for my Dad. I cared for him during the last year of his life. It was difficult at times, but I wanted the best for him. This has given me insight into the emotions and stresses that involves being a carer and that receiving support is both comforting and valuable.

During Carers Week 2022 the theme is more relevant than ever. At Nottinghamshire Healthcare we are also focussing on Tackling Loneliness for unpaid carers. See Scott’s  Carers Week pledge along with other services for 2022 here

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