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Two blog posts have recently been put up on Care Opinion about the Involvement Team and their work within Rampton Hospital. There is a post from both Nigel Groves, Involvement and Experience Lead in Forensic Services and Adele Bryan, the Interim General Manager at Rampton Hospital Mental Health & National Learning Disability Directorate.

It’s nice to read two views on the same project work. Links to the posts are below.

Using Care Opinion in high secure services

“Using Care Opinion and working with the involvement team works for us. I have read and responded to every story and have put them into an improvement plan.  Thanks to the success of this piece of work with the [Learning Disability] service we plan to do again in the mental health service.”

How the Involvement Team bridge the gap between service users and Care Opinion in high secure services

“One of the reasons I like to use Care Opinion is that I am a service user myself. Lived experience is vital and services can draw on service user experiences to improve what they do. Everyone should be listened to. Care Opinion offers a public platform for this. In high secure services where there is no access to social media or the internet, the Involvement Team were able to bridge the gap between service users and Care Opinion. This made sure that service user stories were shared on the Care Opinion website and responded to.”


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