‘Can I just say a few words about our wonderful carers’.

by Nigel Groves Involvement & Experience Lead Forensic Services

At Nottinghamshire Healthcare we are blessed in the fact that a great many carers are involved in not only supporting their loved ones but they also support our Trust. I have found over the years that carers have a voice pointing out good examples of care by the Trust but also areas that could be improved. it is vital to listen to their views.

I attend many of the Trusts Forensic Services carers events including the ones at Rampton Hospital. I am very proud to see how open and transparent we are. It is also good to see that for a great many carers who attend they have the opportunity to ask questions and meet other carers.  This is very helpful for them and offers peer support.  Carers supporting carers can often reassure each other that indeed ,their voice can be heard.

We also have many carers who volunteer and give their time freely which is amazing when we consider time is such an important element in their life 

Nigel Groves

Thank you to them all‘.

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