BRAND NEW ‘You Said Together We Did’ Whiteboards – Order yours from us now!

One of the main reasons patients, carers and families share their feedback with us is in the hope that we will listen and we’ll use their feedback to make things better. People will only believe this if they see it… it’s really important for us to show people that we’re listening and taking what they say seriously. We need to show people how we’re using feedback and what has changed as a result.

The ‘You Said, We Did’ format is very familiar now but we’ve lagged a bit in making sure this is highly visible in all our services. We previously had posters (and you can still display posters where that works best, just ask us for the editable poster template) but we are very happy to now be making available to you BRAND NEW ‘You Said Together We Did’ whiteboards! 

They’re A1 sized, dry-wipe, they conform to Trust safety standards for patient areas. There’s no good reason at all not to have one, and we’re going to be doing our best to get these on display in every Trust site in 2022. We’ve added in the word ‘Together’ because wherever possible, we should involve patients, carers and families in implementing changes to services.

As if all that wasn’t compelling enough – we’re offering the first 80 whiteboards FOR FREE! The first 80 requests we receive we will provide for free – collection from DMH/Ollerton in the new year (we’ll notify you once they’re ready). After that, they will be charged to services at £70 per whiteboard (by providing us with your service’s cost centre).

To request your whiteboard from us, please email us at with your name and full team name.

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