Volunteer Support

The roles of five members of staff in the Involvement, Experience & Volunteering Team are dedicated to the recruitment and support of volunteers. They are based in our two Involvement Centres at Duncan Macmillan House, Nottingham and Rosewood, Ollerton.

Throughout the year, they create new volunteering opportunities which are promoted through our volunteering network, the Involvement Centres and online. They also design and deliver training and development opportunities for new and experienced volunteers. These are open for all active volunteers to attend.

Contact us methods

To speak to us, you can email, phone 0800 052 1415 or visit the Involvement Centres.

Support for volunteers during coronavirus

Keeping yourselves well

Itโ€™s important, as with everyone else, that you look after yourself and those you love. Please follow the official advice from the government and the NHS – www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

Itโ€™s not only your physical health that could be affected, your mental health may also take a dip while youโ€™re isolated. If you are already in touch with a mental health team, please contact them if you need their help.

There is lots of information online to help you if you are feeling low or anxious and helplines should still be operating if you need urgent help:

Keeping in touch with volunteers

During the last few months, we’ve been sending regular updates to all volunteers to let you know what’s happening and to offer support where we can. We’ve been sending emails, texts, calling by phone and by video using Microsoft Teams. We’ve also been updating our social media on Instagram and Twitter. We’re also in the process of opening the Involvement Centres and following guidance to be able to see volunteers in person.

We are not a clinical service but we understand that being isolated can lead to some people feeling quite distressed and anxious. If you are worried (about yourselves or a fellow volunteer), you are welcome to email or call us 0115 956 0845 and we will do what we can to help, or signpost you to other organisations for help.

Volunteer expenses

We’re still processing and paying volunteer expenses as usual. We have electronic versions of expenses forms that can be sent to our team. If you are owed expenses that you have not yet claimed, you are welcome to submit them to us by email using our expense form and we will process them as soon as we can. You would usually have a six month window to claim expenses but as these circumstances are highly unusual, we will extend this to accept expense claims once we reopen volunteering.

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