Volunteer Resources

These resources have been put together to help support our active volunteers. If there’s something else you’d like to see included here, please contact the team and let us know.

Volunteer Handbook

This handbook is for volunteers, it has contact information, checklists, information on the Volunteering Team and support available.

Volunteer Agreement

Every volunteer with Nottinghamshire Healthcare will have signed a copy of our Volunteer Agreement which sets out what we can each reasonably expect from a volunteer’s role with our Trust.

Expenses Form

Expenses forms need to be signed off by a placement officer and approved by a member of the Volunteering Team. We ask that volunteers submit their expenses within three months.

Volunteer Wellbeing Plan

This is a personalised plan to help you identify what keeps you well when volunteering, what causes you to become unwell, and how to address a health issue at whilst volunteering should you be experiencing one.

Attending Meetings – Practical Tips & Advice

These practical tips and advice have been created and produced by volunteers based on their own experiences.

Telling Your Story

Many of our volunteers present the story of their own experiences in their involvement. They co-produced this sheet to help others in thinking about and designing their own stories.

Care Opinion Feedback Pack

This resource pack has been designed to help train and guide members of staff or volunteers through the process of supporting people sharing their feedback on Care Opinion. It provides both general information about Care Opinion and a step by step guide to supporting someone to share their feedback.

Jargon List

This list of acronyms has been created by volunteers and is added to whenever we come across a new one. If you know of any jargon that needs to be added to the list, please let us know.

Online Calendar

This online calendar advertises a range of meetings and opportunities held by the Involvement Team. There are also a range of training sessions available.


As well as the training we offer from our team, we’ve gathered some more training resources that may be of interest to volunteers.

Volunteering Policy

The Volunteering Policy is for people who volunteer with Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. It is a clear statement and framework of the commitment that service users, carers and external applicants can expect from the Trust prior to, and during, their period of volunteering with the Trust.

Expenses Policy

The Expenses Policy sets out how we will ensure that all reasonable expenses incurred as a result of people’s involvement and volunteering are reimbursed. It sets out which expenses are covered and the process for claiming reimbursement of expenses.

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