Last but not least, here is the third installment of poetry for Mental Health Awareness Weeks, by Ade Kelley, Man O’ Words.

The Wonder of Wordsworth?

I wandered lonely as a cloud
that floats on high over
Vales and hills

Did not look where I was going
trod in a cowpat and a rabbit
hole and fell into a crescent
of daffodils

I’m a Fish

I was swimming in the Trent
then a net came over me
like a giant tent.

It’s happened before a hook in
the mouth especially when
Swimming south.

On one occasion it had to
be seen, I’m pretty sure it
was Robson Green, with
rod and harpoon he was
very keen.

Now I swim in the River Leen,
since it’s had a bit of a clean,

A Swan and a Mallard say
“Ey up mi duck, it’s good
not to swim in that chemical

They swam by and wished
me luck now we’re safe from
the fisherman’s hook!

Adrian Kelly

Ade Kelley, Man O’ Words

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