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About Rampton:

Rampton Hospital is one of 3 national high secure hospitals. It is based in North Nottinghamshire.  The Hospital provides quality services for approximately 300 patients (male and female) requiring care and treatment in conditions of high security, through five clinical services. (Mental Health, Personality Disorder,  Learning Disability, Woman’s Service & Deaf Services).

To find out more about the hospital please look at the Rampton Hospital webpages: https://www.nottinghamshirehealthcare.nhs.uk/rampton-hospital

Role Descripton:

The Family and Volunteer Support Service at Rampton Hospital provide only one volunteer role, the role of befriender.  Volunteer befrienders visit socially isolated patients within our services. They are recruited according to the needs of the patients and to reflect the population of the hospital.

Befrienders are recruited from many diverse sources with particular emphasis on matching ethnicity and the specific needs of the patient, such as male or female, young or more mature, speaking the patient’s own language or being proficient in sign language.

Once inducted and trained, befrienders are matched to a specific patient/s.  The role is to act as a social visitor, to ‘bring the outside in’,  to converse with the patient and be a consistent visitor to them.  Befriending is a means of reducing social isolation.  We look for trained befrienders to commit to visiting their matched patient/s once a month.  Or act as a PenPal and write to them.


There are only three requirements for willing volunteers;

  • Be over 21yrs old.
  • Be able to commit up to two hours per month to patient visits.
  • To complete an induction training course, provided by the hospital.

We ask befrienders to an initial commitment of a 12-month period.  This is to enable and develop a consistency for patients.

More information on Rampton and the Family and Volunteer Support Service is available on Nottinghamshire Healthcare’s website.

What Nottinghamshire Healthcare offers volunteers:


All volunteers in Nottinghamshire Healthcare are supported by a dedicated team of staff and each volunteer will have a named person within the Volunteering Team as their point of contact. If volunteers are within services, they will also have a named staff member within the service itself. We offer provide regular supervisions with each volunteer to help review their support, their training and their voluntary role.

Training & Development

We offer support in completing the Volunteer Passport and completing the National Volunteer Certificate and regularly advertise further development and training opportunities that are available through partner organisations.


We’re proud of our community of volunteers that we support throughout Nottinghamshire Healthcare. They are integrated into staff teams and within our services with patients and carers. Our Involvement Centres act as hubs for their work, training and events. We also offer an online NottsHC Volunteer Hub to further support and nurture our community of volunteers.

How to Apply

Current Nottinghamshire Healthcare Volunteers:

Please check that your mandatory training is up to date and contact the Volunteering Team to express your interest in the role.

New Volunteer Applicants:

If you are interested in becoming a befriender at Rampton, please contact the Family and Volunteer Support Service Team.

Telephone: 01777 247571

Email: FamilyandVolunteerServiceRH@nottshc.nhs.uk