We are committed to involving people in our work and using their experiences and their views to improve our services and most importantly, improve people’s lives.

We have volunteers who support people in our services, thousands of people who share their experience and feedback with us each year through Your Feedback Matters and Care Opinion and a growing public membership – not to mention many people who draw upon their lived experience to take up paid roles within the Trust.

On this section of the site, we’ve gathered resources and useful links on how to work collaboratively with others, including information on our Collaborative Model. We also have information on some of our current involvement projects including meeting notes.

Read our 2019-2020 Involvement, Experience & Volunteering Strategy.

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Involving Carers

Want to know more about Involvement?

Have a read of some of our blogs below or watch Michael’s story.

Latest Involvement Blogs

  • Volunteer’s Week – Michael
    Michael is a volunteer befriender with Nottinghamshire Healthcare. He has been involved in a number of different roles and projects across the Trust. You can watch Michael speak more about his volunteering here. Over the pre-pandemic years I’ve enjoyed (mostly, anyway) quite a variety of roles/tasks: gathering patient feedback; taking […]
  • You are all AMAZING!
    Just A few words that spring to mind when I think of our Volunteers. Truly AMAZING Helpful Adaptable No nonsense Kind Yes, we can attitude Optimistic Unforgettable From me to You THANK YOU
  • Volunteer’s Week – Dale
    Dale volunteers with Nottinghamshire Healthcare. He’s involved in a number of different service change projects as well as with the Patient Information Group. How would you describe what you do in your volunteer role with Nottinghamshire Healthcare? My volunteer role is an opportunity for me to be involved in various […]