COVID-19 Update

Updated Monday 6th April

Volunteering & Recruitment

Volunteer recruitment in Nottinghamshire Healthcare

At the present moment, volunteer recruitment within Nottinghamshire Healthcare has been put on hold. Applicants who were undergoing the recruitment process have been contacted and paused. The team will use this time to process any outstanding paperwork to ensure that when we do re-open we are able to finish their recruitment into their original roles as quickly as possible.

We are in the process of redeploying existing volunteers based on requests and demands of our services, whilst still ensuring we follow Governmental guidelines. We hope to be contacting our volunteers with requests from services as soon as possible.

In the coming weeks, if there is still demand from our services for volunteers, we will be opening up a “FastTrack” recruitment process for specific roles.

NHS Volunteer Responders

If you would like to volunteer to help the NHS and your local community at this time, the NHS Volunteer Responders are being co-ordinated by the Royal Voluntary Service using the “GoodSam” app.

They have four roles available:

  • Community Response Volunteer: volunteers to collect and deliver shopping, medication or other essential supplies
  • Patient Transport Volunteer: volunteers to transport patients who are being discharged back home and to settle them safely back in
  • NHS Transport Volunteer: volunteers to transport equipment, supplies and/or medication between NHS services and sites, and possibly also help pharmacies with medication delivery
  • Check-in and Chat Volunteer: volunteers to provide telephone support to individuals who are at risk of loneliness.

Nottinghamshire Coronavirus Community Hub

The County Council are also keen for volunteers to help support their local
communities. You can sign up to their database using a form or telephone helpline to register how you’re able to help. If you’re not able to leave the house at the moment, but still want to volunteer, they’re keen to set up a telephone befriending service with people who may be able to signpost to support or to help encourage physical wellbeing.

Volunteer groups are offering their services to help people in their local area with things like access to food or medicine, dog walking, transport, and physical and social wellbeing. Take a look at their new support hub to find what help is being offered in your area and get the support you need.

Volunteer Update

We’ve started creating a weekly newsletter to keep our volunteers updated with what’s happening. These will be emailed out to all active volunteers, shared on social media and posted out to those volunteers with no access to email.

The Involvement Centres & our Team

Both Involvement Centres are closed for the foreseeable future. All meetings, events or training have been cancelled until further notice. The majority of our staff are working from home and only attending the Centres when it is essential. We are monitoring all our other usual methods of communication (telephone, email, post, social media).


Keeping yourselves well

It’s important, as with everyone else, that you look after yourself and those you love. Please follow the official advice from the government and the NHS –

It’s not only your physical health that could be affected, your mental health may also take a dip while you’re isolated. If you are already in touch with a mental health team, please contact them if you need their help.

There is lots of information online to help you if you are feeling low or anxious and helplines should still be operating if you need urgent help:

Keeping in touch with volunteers

We intend to send updates to all volunteers regularly to let you know what’s happening. We will send emails and texts, and we are also on Instagram and Twitter. We’re using this time as best we can to do volunteer reviews, ensuring information is up to date.

We’re exploring new ways of keeping in touch with people, whether that be through online video chats or using social apps to help us keep in touch and support you and our community of volunteers at this time.

We are not a clinical service but we understand that being isolated with all the current messages will lead to some people feeling quite distressed and anxious. If you are worried (about yourselves or a fellow volunteer), you are welcome to email or call us 0115 956 0845 and we will do what we can to help, or signpost you to other organisations for help.

Volunteer Expenses

We understand that for some people, money will become an issue in the coming weeks. All expense forms that have already been submitted to us will be processed and paid. If you are owed expenses that you have not yet claimed, you are welcome to submit them to us by email using our expense form and we will process them as soon as we can. You would usually have a six month window to claim expenses but as these circumstances are highly unusual, we will extend this to accept expense claims once we reopen volunteering.

We will provide information on this in due course, but please don’t worry.

As things change

The situation is changing day by day and we will review our position on volunteering each week. We’ll be posting updates on our social media accounts via Twitter and Instagram.


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