Feedback – What we do with it

What happens to your feedback?

The most important thing to know is that every bit of feedback we receive is read by staff and helps to improve our services.

Anybody is able to read feedback about Nottinghamshire Healthcare – we think it’s very important to be honest about what we’re doing well and what we need to improve. Our staff working in services read their feedback and are expected to listen without defensiveness, wherever possible using what you have said to praise staff, improve services and improve how we care for people. Every service produces a report every six months to tell us what they have changed as a result of feedback.

When you share feedback via our survey

1. You share your story on a paper form or online.

2. Your feedback is read by members of the Involvement, Experience and Volunteering Team. They analyse what you have said to understand which service/s you’ve been in contact with, how critical or complimentary you are about those services and which elements of care you are particularly commenting on. This information is used to give quick summaries of all the feedback a service has received.

3. We publish your feedback, unless you have asked us not to, on our feedback site. We publish your comments exactly as you shared them with us.

When you share feedback via our Care Opinion

1. You share your feedback via Care Opinion, on a paper form, online or by calling their team.

2. Your feedback is read, analysed and moderated by members of the Care Opinion team (read more about how Care Opinion moderate stories). This is done independently of our Trust.

3. Care Opinion publish your feedback on their website, and staff from the relevant service are notified of a new story. They are able to respond to your story on the website (if you provide an email address, you will receive a notification from Care Opinion). We repost your story on our Your Feedback Matters website too.

We share as much as we can about how our services are using feedback, so that you know your feedback matters, and it makes a difference.