A carer is someone of any age who provides regular unpaid support to another person who could not manage without help. You may be a partner, friend, relative or neighbour or a young carer under the age of 18. Nottinghamshire Healthcare works in partnership with Trust staff and carers. By listening to and involving carers, we can provide better care for our patients and service users.

Support & Information
Support & Information

Carer support groups, forums, newsletters and Carer Organisations.

How we work with Carers
How we work with Carers

Information on the Triangle of Care, Employers for Carers and Carers Week.

Carer's Connect Network
Carer’s Connect Network

More information on the Carer’s Connect Network and how we involve carers in Nottinghamshire Healthcare.

Latest Carer, Family and Friend Blogs

  • Meet Jim Aleander, our Lead Governor
    Hi, I’m Jim Aleander, Lead Governor for the Trust. As the governor election for the Trust gets underway, I would like to introduce myself and say a little bit about the governor role. I was delighted to be elected as a public governor for the Nottinghamshire County constituency in May […]
  • Jinny & Hannah – Carer and Cared for
    Prior to lockdown and Covid19, Mum Jinny on the right in the photo and daughter Hannah were busy as volunteers actively involved in face to face Training with our Involvement, Experience and Volunteering team and the Family Interventions Team This interview took place before Covid put our face to face […]
  • 1st Class Arnold Lodge’s 6 monthly Involvement, Experience and volunteering report
    In our Trust we recive 2 Involvemnt and expernce reports each year from all our Forensic Services. The Head and Deputy head of Involvement along with myself review all these reports and feedback on them. This time we were very very impressed with the high standard from Arnold Lodge. The […]
  • Dementia Carers Under Lockdown
    Lockdown Impact on Dementia Care in the Community: Results of a Rapid Survey By Justine Schneider Professor of Mental Health and Social Care. Faculty of Social Sciences, The University of Nottingham As a valued member of our Carers Connect Network, Justine has extensive experience in many aspects of applied health research […]
  • Arnold Lodge Patients Maintaining Contact with Family, Friends and Carers During COVID-19 Lock-down
    Background In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Arnold Lodge stopped all planned visits to patients during the week commencing 16th March 2020. It was soon recognised that this would have a detrimental impact on the health and well-being of the patients and their families, friends and carers. NHS Sparks It […]