Be Active, Volunteer!

Continuing on with the Five Steps to Mental Wellbeing. Missed Step 1? Start here and see how volunteering helps connect you with others.

Step 2: Be active!

This isn’t just about getting hot and sweaty with exercise, but it’s also about staying mentally active and doing things. We have a huge range of volunteering opportunities within our Trust for people of all physical abilities. Our Support Volunteers on wards help Occupational Therapists in keeping Service Users active and occupied with crafts, music, dance and even hula-hooping! We have Horticultural Volunteers who regularly put their green fingers to good use in the verdant spaces we have on our sites for the benefit of service users, carers, visitors and staff.

Interested in getting involved and finding out more? Give us a call to find out what volunteering opportunities we have available: 0800 052 1415 or email us:

Still need more convincing? There’s still three more steps to go, follow this blog to read about them.



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